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What is a witch?

A construct that shifts and sheds skin through time.
An autonomous being, who walks an unconventional path.
A creature with a goal to help ease suffering and discomfort.

An advocate for change, equality, and collaboration within community care.
One who acknowledges trusted tradition and embraces emerging evidence.

Why focus on relaxation?

Massage is a conversation with the nervous system, reminding the body how to become more resilient. While manual muscle manipulation is important, significant work happens on a neural level : receptors in the skin experience the appropriate stimuli (therapeutic touch) and send a message to the brain that it is "safe" to relax. The brain then sends that message to the tissues and body systems-- breathing slows, digestion resumes, muscle contraction eases, and the emotional being calms. Changes in pain and function are both directly influenced by guiding the mind and body to a receptive state. A relaxation-based approach allows for deeper, more effective work -- and a more enjoyable experience overall! 

Healing does not need to hurt : I don't cause pain to ease pain.

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Kaja Matura, Holistic Massage Therapist, draped in silver jewelry and lime green paint, surrounded by plants.

Kaja Lani Matura

Holistic Massage therapist

Bodies change, vex, and liberate; living within one is a universal yet totally unique experience. I arrived to this work organically-- My mother was a bodyworker for many years, with massage as a foundation of my daily care. I regularly see the abundant benefits of therapeutic touch and coregulation both within my practice and in my everyday life. As modern beings in an ancient world, we are constantly bombarded with conflicting internal and external messages: we are tired, joyous, in pain, in love, in grief. We idolize productivity while we desperately crave rest. We are all trying to navigate a landscape shifting beneath our feet.

When I think about the kind of imprint I would like to leave on this life, I keep returning to the core of this work: Ease, movement, regulation. An alleviation of suffering. Massage is a balm that envelopes life's aches and pains. Not the ultimate answer, a miracle or magic pill, or even something that everyone enjoys... But a potential part of a larger web of connection and community, of creating relationship to the self and the natural world.

I am interested in a science-backed, evidence-based approach that also acknowledges and respects traditional methodologies that may not fall within a specific western lens. The two can coexist! I strive for accuracy and authenticity:
I do not make wild claims or promises, or regurgitate outdated information.

I am committed to creating a more equitable world for every body.

2019-current: continuing education / informal research
2019 - 550HR Massage Therapy program: CA Certification (AtoZ Health)
2017- 2 year Clinical Herbalism program (Vital Ways School)
2011 - Bachelors of Science : Public Health Education (Portland State University)
2008 - 700HR Massage Therapy program (Lane CC)

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