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What are clients saying?

"A wonderful, relaxing and safe whole body massage."


"A super nice and relaxing experience! Kaja is very talented, humble and the place was cozy with candles, music and a heated massage table. I warmly recommend!"



"Erinomainen rentouttava hieronta päästä varpaisiin. Lämmitetty hierontapöytä oli mukava lisä hyisenä päivänä."



"Perfect relaxation. I felt so safe and Kaja was so professional. I will definitely go again and highly recommend for everyone!"


--- Rosa

"Everything was amazing.

All in all a wonderful experience. Worth

every penny."



"Nice atmosphere and super relaxing massage. Kaja was a professional; they were kind and I felt safe."


"Erinomainen hieronta!"


"Paras hieronta *ikinä*. Myös paikka oli itsessään rentouttava ja pöytä lämmitetty. Uusi aika jo varattu."


--- Mari 

"Perfect massage, Kaja really knows what she is doing. I left feeling relaxed."



"One of the best massages I’ve had! Can highly recommend."



"Loistava hieronta!"



"Hieronnan jälkeen olo oli todella rentoutunut ja fasettilukon alku ja toista päivää vaivannut kipu oli poissa. Palaan Kajan hierontaan toistekin!"


"Kajan hieronta on todella lempeää ja samalla voimakasta hyvällä tavalla. Samalla käyntikerralla sekä rentoutuu että saa lihasjumit pois. Suosittelen!"


"Aivan ihana ja huomioiva palvelu. Todella hyvä hieronta."


"Aivan ihana rentouttava ja parantava hieronta turvallisessa ilmapiirissä. Suosittelen lämpimästi!"




  • What is the atmosphere like?
    This is your time and it is important for you to feel relaxed. There will be ambient music playing in a comfortable, private room. Silence is usually the easiest way for you to connect with your breath and body to feel deep relaxation, but there is no judgement if silence feels uncomfortable and you need more communication. I am always happy to answer any questions about the massage.
  • What do I wear during a massage?
    You can always be massaged at your comfort level. It is common for clients to remove all clothes or keep on their underwear bottoms. It is also possible to receive massage while fully clothed if you wear comfortable and loose garments. Regardless of your level of clothing, you will always be kept appropriately covered with a sheet or towel and your therapist never needs to see you disrobed. It is best to remove jewelry, watches, and wigs if applicable. If you practice head or body covering for personal or religious reasons, just let us know how we can best support you during your massage.
  • Do you massage on a bed?
    I use a professional massage table, which is an elevated and cushioned full-body table designed specifically for massage. There is a cradle for your face and a place to rest your arms. The table is 70-95 cm wide and the weight limit is 250kg. There is also an electric chair with a weight limit of 130kg. If you are outside these weight ranges, please let me know and I am happy to find a comfortable alternative for you.
  • What oils do you use?
    I use a combination of oils and lotions, usually odorless, and make sure you do not leave feeling greasy. Sweet Almond/Sesame/Coconut oils are common because they warm nicely and provide extra moisture for the skin. I will ask before using any essential oils or scents. If you have any allergies, to nuts or otherwise, please let me know.
  • Why do you have different prices for different groups of people?
    The world we have made--and find ourselves in--can be exponentially more challenging to navigate for certain groups of people, namely BIPOC (Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color/Visibly Racialized People), immigrants, LGBTQ+ communities, disabled communities, aging communities, larger bodies, women, and all the intersections of those. I am unavailable to accept this as the only option, and I am working toward a different kind of world. For me, that looks like making bodywork more accessible. As my practice in Helsinki grows, I will be able to offer different kinds of care to different communities. By supporting my work at any level, you are supporting and nourishing the idea that every body deserves care.
  • What happens to my personal information?
    All client data is stored on the secure booking system Timma. I will never share or sell your information.
  • Who is massage for?
    The vast majority of people can benefit from some type of massage and it is generally considered safe. While most of my clients are 18+, it is also possible to give massage to teens and kids with parental agreement/possible supervision. Massage for older clients is particularly beneficial as well and pressure/technique can be tailored to their individual needs.
  • Is massage painful?
    Pain is not a necessary aspect of massage. Sometimes massage can be confronting or uncomfortable... but not painful. Pain is an indication of a deeper issue or that your therapist is doing something that doesn't work for your body. Your feedback is important, please let me know what you are experiencing. I don't cause pain to ease pain.
  • Is massage dangerous?
    There are quite a few medical conditions and contraindications (reasons massage could be harmful and not recommended). For example: very recent surgery, pregnancy*, a known blood clot, an infection, intoxication, an open wound, a communicable illness. However, there are also many conditions that can be serious or sensitive (ex: HIV, diabetes, seizures, auto-immune, pregnancy, amputation) that can really benefit from massage, so if you are in doubt, just ask. If you are experiencing a serious medical condition, it is important that you clear massage with your physician and let your therapist know your situation ahead of time in case any adjustments need to be made or precautions need to be taken. It is outside the scope of a Massage Therapist to diagnose or treat an illness or disease. It is helpful for the therapist to know if you are taking blood-thinners, beta-blockers, painkillers, muscle-relaxants, diabetes medications, immunosuppressants, allergy medications, or are under the influence of drugs/alcohol. *As stated, pregnancy can be both an indication and contraindication for massage depending on the complications.
  • Is professional massage sexual?
    Massage is NOT inherently sexual. Most therapists have had to complete rigorous schooling, professional training, and years of experience to practice bodywork. We are also human beings providing a beneficial service. Globally we as therapists have to continually combat disgusting jokes, assumptions, and solicitations in our professional work. There are strong undercurrents of racism, sexism, orientalism, trafficking, exploitation, and dehumanization attached to the narratives of massage therapists being sexworkers. Massage is not inherently sexual and I DO NOT provide sexual services. Asking for sexual services is insulting, highly inappropriate, and illegal. DO NOT DO THIS. Services will be suspended immediately and you will be reported. Unintentional erections: while unusual, it is possible that due to increased blood flow or movement in the lower body (or totally different non-sexual reasons), an unintentional erection may occur. If this is the case, please treat the situation in a mature way and let your therapist know that you need a minute to collect yourself before proceeding with the massage. Please refrain from joking about it or calling undue attention to it. There is no apology necessary, just communicate and remain respectful. "I'm having an unwanted reaction. Is it possible to take a short break from the massage and resume in a few minutes?"
  • What is a "knot"?
    We call those painful things "adhesions". An adhesion is the body's reaction to injury or overuse that forms on the soft tissue of the muscle. While they can limit movement and cause pain, they are a sign that the body is trying to repair itself from a trauma. They can be influenced with regular massage, providing immense relief!
  • How will I feel after a massage?
    Results can vary, but I aim for: more relaxed and energized! Depending on the depth of work, you may need extra rest later in the day. With very deep work it may also move things around--digestion, water-retention, and mental space may shift temporarily. Usually though, your body will be feeling more mobile, more fluid, and more calm, as we are working not only on the muscles but the mind as well. You may be hungry or thirsty immediately following a massage, as the parasympathetic nervous system has been activated.
  • What is that popping sound in my bones?
    Carbon dioxide cavitation bubbles naturally form in your joints. The popping or cracking sound is the collapse of those bubbles (that will reform in time). The prevailing understanding is that this is harmless to your joints and can even release pressure buildup, promoting feelings of relief, and studies show that even just the sound of the joints cracking can release a little dopamine in your brain. Intentionally trying to crack your joints is outside of the scope of practice for a Massage Therapist (talk to your Physical therapist!), but it can often happen unintentionally while manipulating the muscles around the joints and is no cause for alarm.
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